Information For Landlords

Management Information

At Sabre, we look after your property as if it were our own.

Our Property Management Team understand that your property is a precious asset, and everything we do is making sure
it’s well cared for, and generating the best possible return on your investment.

The Exceptional Service we provide to you

  • Highly qualified and experienced Property Managers
  • Leasing consultants
  • Detailed Property Condition Reports ( with photos)
  • Regular routine Inspections
  • Tenancy database checks
  • Thorough tenant reference checks
  • Qualified and fully insured maintenance contractors

We’ve got you covered

  • Qualified staff with extensive knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act,1987(WA) and high-level conflict
    resolution skills
  • Management of your accounts and records through specific Property Management software
  • Efficient administration and trust accounting support
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Operating under a regulated Real Estate and Business Agents License
  • Your funds will be held in our trust account,regularly audited in compliance with the Department of
    Commerce’s requirements
  • Regular routine inspection reports
  • Detailed Property Condition Report with photos

Promoting your property

Effective marketing is what we’re known for. We’ll produce a detailed description with enticing photos, and within
days of the property being ready for promotion we will have your property advertised and attracting suitable tenants

Our extensive database and network of relocation specialists is a valuable resource we also utilise to ensure sure
your property has maximum reach. We often end up placing executives from around the globe as a result of this
communication. On many occasions our properties are even leased via word of mouth.

Receiving payment

Our diligent property management staff ensure tenants pay their rent on time and in full. At the end of every month
we electronically process the payment of funds owed to you and they are received into your nominated bank account. A
copy of your monthly statement is emailed to you for your records.

Anything we haven’t covered? Contact our friendly team at Sabre Real Estate 08 9374 2200.